Always keep the fundamentals (Especially when you're lost)


As someone who’s still figuring things out in life. (Such as everyone I believe). What happens to me, very often, is I keep questioning and doubting everything all the time.

That can leave me paralyzed and doing nothing but thinking and researching.

But I found out that after wasting some time, I always come back to a few fundamentals.

So I said why not make a list, so next time I start questioning everything. I can remember that I still have to do the basics.

Here is my list:


  1. Workout regularly
  2. Eat clean (avoid sugar, and processed food)


  1. Sleep well
  2. Avoid staying up late (cuz usually, I waste time after 11 PM)
  3. Wake up early

Focus - awareness - clarity

  1. Stay away from distractions (social media, fiction stories of any type)

This step is really important since without it, I don’t have enough clarity to define what’s next for me to do.

It’s better to be bored than distracted.

What you can do

If you already understand the benefits of those fundamentals, I suggest you make a list that works for you, and come back to it when you’re feeling lost.

But if you still don’t have any idea how those fundamentals can help you, I suggest you start trying to implement them into your life. And see for yourself