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Unread messages

You don't have to know everything that is going on right now.
Think about it for a second, a lot of the stuff that takes your time is irrelevant to you, but you find yourself involved in it, feeding it your energy and attention.

There is a simple solution for this:
shut it up
if it's your phone that is throwing notifications at you all the time, make it in silence mode. if it's the environment you live in, tweak it so that it distracts you less.

I noticed that the returns this gives are worth it cuz:

  • you gain more focus and time to put in the things you care about
  • you feel better, cuz you eliminated a lot of problems that suck your energy and that you don't have to deal with anyway
  • if you have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), Don't worry, most problems will solve themselves, and if something is big enough it will find its way to you.

Napoleon Bonaparte had a similar approach to mail, he would leave it unopened for 3 weeks:

He directed Bourrienne to leave all letters unopened for three weeks, and then observed with satisfaction how large a part of the correspondence had thus disposed of itself and no longer required an answer.

Try to leave the source of news/messages/mail... for some time today, whether that's your phone, Slack, Social media, or that group of friends who always seem to have hot topics to talk about.

a photo of a person on his phone and laptop at the same time, symbolising distraction
Photo by Austin Distel / Unsplash