Never let yourself be saddened by a separation
- Miyamoto Musashi

Separation can be losing something we had, leaving somewhere we like, saying goodbye to someone we love, or the death of a close.

The problem is when we are attached to the thing we lost. we think we own it, and it should stay. if it does not, we feel bad.

I experience separation a lot while traveling. I meet awesome people whom I spend a great time with. but it ends as fast as it started. I wish those moments could stay for longer, I wish I could see those people more. but I learned this is not a good way to think about it.

A better way is to learn to be present all the time, to enjoy those moments while we are living them.
And always remember that this moment could be the last, ( last time watching a sunset, last time chatting with someone, or the last moment in life )

And when separation happens, instead of being sad it was over. we can be thankful and grateful it happened in the first place. we can be happy for the memories we made because it started.