Greatness design


Associate your name with greatness, professionalism, and excellence.

Whenever it’s heard, people remember the exceptional results you deliver.

This idea was brought up in a conversation about what to do when you find yourself in a bad team working on a project.
Some people would just blame that, and say: “I did my part well, but the team is…”

But to the world, the project was done poorly (if done). and you were part of it.
So now, that project is a mirror for you, for your work. it’s not bad because of [insert excuse], it’s just bad.

Make sure everything you put your hands into turns out the best way possible, turns out great.

That will make you think twice before you put yourself into anything, which is good. it’s okay if you found yourself in a bad team, or some unfair situation, take ownership of it. Do all the work that’s needed to make it great.

Then when you are over. and your great project is out there, Do not try to give yourself credit, enjoy it if it was given, but don’t crave it, nor care about it.

Of course, it was going to be great, Your name is in the Closing credits.


Always be learning and improving, always seeking ways to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Associate your name with greatness.
- Abdelali