when it's right to give up


“You don’t need to drink the whole sea to realize it’s salty.” -Spong Bob

I signed up for a 10-day Vipassana course a month ago.
and after 5 days, I realized That it’s not for me (at least for now)
And I found no reason to stay.
So I quit!

I quit a lot of things in my life.
Some of them I shouldn’t have done it.
But for most of them, it was a great choice. and even necessary to grow and improve.

Being good at the art of quitting helped me a lot.
Quitting bad environments, bad friendships, projects I hate.
Quitting the school system.
Quitting a job after 2 weeks.
Quitting opportunities, and hobbies that are not for me.

Being a big Quitter freed my time and mental space to focus more on what matters most.

We don’t have unlimited time in this life.

We shouldn’t waste a second going on a road where we don’t care about the destination.
But if it’s our destination, we’d want to go there, then and only then, we should follow the “Don’t Quit” mantra. no matter how challenging it is.