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Life Video Game

Everyone when designing their character in a video game chooses good characteristics:

Has multiple skills
Has a car, houses, money...

They will work (play) to gather those resources and upgrade their character.

and on the contrary, I don't think anyone would choose to play a game with a weak fat stupid character with low skills. and stand there satisfied about it, not trying to improve.

Photo by Florian Olivo / Unsplash

What's different about life?


Getting those resources in real life takes more time.

But everything else is the same, we all want to be strong, fit, rich, and acquire a lot of skills and resources.

But a lot of people find it hard because it requires work now, getting results later in the future. those people want to have those results now, they want fun now.

So they start lying to themselves and the world:
"It's okay to be fat"
"I Don't have time to do X"
"I cannot have that supercar cuz [insert exuse]"

Don't listen to those people, they already exited the game.

Seek Progress.

Falcon 900
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