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Normal Life

You see some people doing crazy stuff.

Climbing dangerous mountains, Jumping off buildings, cliffs, and planes, Starting a business after a business after a business. Fighting in rings, traveling through countries by bikes, running ultra marathons, lifting heavy weights in the gym, creating music and art in hard situations...

Those people cannot live a normal life. they cannot stand to do a 9-5 job and wait for the weekend to watch a movie.

They get bored.

They cannot relax, they need to keep going, and pushing forward all the time. they have tremendous amounts of energy.

And if they do not find good ways to spend that energy. they end up going down bad roads. addictions of all sorts, social media, drugs, and junk food.

But if they used that energy to take action, to work out, to create stuff. instead of pursuing short-term stuff. They become unbeatable, uncrushable.

Those people are the minority.

Motocross tricks
Photo by Web Donut / Unsplash