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Hourly rate mindset

Most jobs in western countries are based on an hourly salary. On the other side, almost Nobody gets paid based on the hourly rate in developing countries. this leads to people in the west valuing their time more than people in developing countries.

That is where we see the mindset difference between thinking in months VS thinking in hours, and valuing how each decision impacts the time, and so the life of people.

here are 3 example situations where this mindset plays a role:

  • waisting 2 hours in transportation + 1 hour waiting to get a 2$ refund of an item they bought. you almost never hear: "this is not worth my time" in developing countries.
  • businesses that save time tend to do better in western countries than 3rd world countries. cuz people there don't bother with optimizing for time.
  • it's normal in 3rd world countries for services to take a lot of time

Knowing this enabled me to:
1- try to get a better sense of time
2- gave me a new point of view to see why the same business works in one society vs another.

Analog timepiece
Photo by Djim Loic / Unsplash