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From Birthday To Plane

this is a story about my friend's birthday, his name is Khalid.

My friend Khalid

it started on my birthday, which my friends thought it was going to be a good idea to organize it 4 days before the actual date, So I don't know about it!

I did know about it in the end. but it was really great anyway.

I did not expect so many people would show up!
I'm really happy and grateful to have such great friends.

anyway, I tried to keep it quick cuz this is not the subject.

Back to Khalid's birthday

it was 5 days away (yes his birthday is one day after mine)
So we thought that the day which he will least expect it is the next day!

now let's think about a gift. a lot of stupid ideas were brought out, but the dumbest one was to get him a plane ticket to his home city "Agadir".
we had that experience before but he wasn't with us, and he never tried traveling on a plane before.

problem 1:
there was no airport in our small town

problem 2:
we needed his passport id to buy the ticket online
while he can only use his national card to travel inside the country, the tickets website required a passport!

the first problem was easy:
we got him a train ticket (the red line in the picture below) to sale city. (which is further than his distinction) told you it was stupid.
Then a plane from sale to Agadir (the green line)

part of the map of morocco

then we were thinking about problem 2:
How we're going to get his passport id without spoiling the surprise
baam, I remember that when He made his passport he sent me a picture, I looked at our conversation. and guess what, it contains the passport id!!

a lot of our friends liked the idea and insisted on paying a part of the ticket price.

birthday time

instead of awkwardly bringing him to the location of the birthday.

we thought we could make it a bit fun.

so we made a game, a treasure hunt, or a birthday hunt

we stuck a bunch of his pictures all around the place, and each one contains info about the location of the next one until he gets to the birthday location.
It was fun!

we gave him the gifts and he really liked the plane idea
ate cake and played outdoor games

Khalid's birthday

2 days later:


There is something about bringing people together.

it makes me feel really happy and fulfilled to share moments of my life with others

I don't know what exactly it is that cause that feeling.

I'll do it more until I figure it out