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I can't sleep

It's 5:51 in the morning, I slept for 2 hours, then woke up full of drive to work on our (my friend and I) new project.

This is cool! because there is something about this new project that makes it special from the ones I was working on before, which is I really love it, and I'm very excited to make our vision for it come true.

But why is that?

two reasons come to mind:

  1. it's something I wanted to make for myself since a long time ago
  2. we have users ready and excited to test it once it's released!

it feels really good to be working on a project of that kind.

The saying "Do what you love" seems true. especially if you have real-life proof and hope that it will work.

Photo by Jefferson Santos / Unsplash

I'll go sleep now. [07:32]