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Control your temper

Learn to deal with stressful situations in a way that will make you proud after it is over

Learn to control your temper, and take the best rational decision while you are in hard situations

But why, you might ask, why wouldn't I just express my anger, and be upset when I'm upset? this seems like a good point, life is ups and downs, shouldn't we live it fully?

this advice is not for everybody.
But if you want to go far in life. you must be good at dealing with situations that stress you.

let's say you are working on something, and it is giving you a hard time. then while you are fighting with it trying to make it work, someone comes along with more work for you or wants to open up some random subject or ask you about an urgent problem.

You might feel angry, thinking that you already have a problem at hand while this selfish person is bringing me more problems.

this thinking will lead you to act aggressive or avoidant toward him. and you might regret it afterward.

Frustrated Young Man Screaming in Fear
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the reason I said this is not for everyone is an employee in an office can get away with bad stress management skills, while a CEO of a big company cannot.

imagine you are the president of a country, and you are dealing with some riot that is happening inside, then someone comes and tells you that you are being attacked from another country right now
can you sit and respond with something like:
- don't you see how busy I am right now

No, you are expected to be at your best however the situation was, you are expected to give the right orders when everyone is doubting themselves.

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Take control in stressful situations