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Be a Guide, not a Hero

when selling to someone. or some audience of people.

Don't come with the idea that you are a hero in their journey, and you are there to save them. You are not. and People don't want you to be.

instead, be their guide, show them, and help them find ways to grow constantly and become heroes in their own journey.

For example, you are selling clothes for kids, and you are looking for someone who can do social media marketing for you. who would you choose between the two:

Adam: I'm an expert in social media marketing with +16 years of experience, I have grown 14 successful businesses of my own.

Ali: I will help you constantly find more high-paying customers in your niche.

Who would you choose based only on this small pitch? For me, I would choose Ali,  because he outlines the value that I would get for myself. He would help me achieve my goals. I don't care about Adam's achievements, I just want a guy who can help me be the Hero.

so be that guy when you are providing a service or selling a product, have things that others want and think will help them reach their goals.

Don't talk about you, talk about them.

Be the guide, not the hero

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